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Golden Week!

The first week of May brings the curiously scattered holidays known as "Golden Week". This year the official holidays are Tuesday to Thursday, May 3-4-5. So we can actually ship puzzles on Monday or Friday, but in practice there will be disruption until the week beginning May 9.

Covid-19: Shop status

We are accepting orders again, but with very limited shipping options, which we have to handle manually. Please use the checkout form to request puzzles, and we will get back to you when we can. Please see the front page for more details.

Jigsaw puzzles from Japan

Special Offers

We usally offer 10-15% off on the month's special feature, and to avoid disappointing anyone who just misses the end of the month, we reduce the discounts gradually. Remember you can still get the standard discounts on top of these special prices: currently another 10% off all puzzle orders.

We also have Bargain sale puzzles at half-price or under!

Titles begin with the number of pieces. The link under each puzzle ("More puzzles like this one") takes you to the theme page on which the puzzle appears.

No puzzles currently available