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Jigsaw puzzles (and a few other things) from Japan

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Scenic puzzles (photographs)

Traditional themes

  • Traditional : Red Fuji, and lucky flowers, fish, animals and birds, and Buddhist figures
  • Tigers : The tiger, a traditional symbol of strength
  • Dragons : The mythical Chinese dragon, with its arch-rival the tiger
  • Gods 7-4-2 : Traditional symbols: the Seven Gods of Fortune, Four Protector-Gods, and Gods of Wind and Thunder
  • Zodiac : 2019 Year of the Boar, and the rest of the Chinese calendar
  • Kimono : Elegance of traditional dress
  • Hari-e : Pictures made from paper
  • Woodblock : Ukiyo-e and other woodblock prints
  • Flowers : Paintings featuring cherry blossom and other flowers
  • Kaname : Paintings in the traditional style by Ozuma Kaname
  • Ogasawara : Animal paintings by Ogasawara Etsuko
  • Kayomi : Warm portrayals of traditional themes by Harai Kayomi
  • Hakuga : Exquisitely tasteful paintings in the traditional style

Illustration - modern styles and cute characters

  • Haruyo : Kimono beauties, in Haruyo's distinctive crossover style
  • Chihiro : Water colour illustrations by Chihiro Iwasaki
  • Reina Sato : Jolly animal pictures full of colour
  • Animal art : Work of various animal artists
  • Cartoon fun
  • Wachifield : The curious cat, Dayan, and friends, from artist Akiko Ikeda

Fantasy art

  • Horaguchi : Dazzlingly different images from Kayo Horaguchi
  • Fujishiro : Fantasy in light and shade - art by Fujishiro Seiji
  • Kagaya : Starlight fantasy art by Kagaya
  • Kusuda : Surreal fantasy images by Satoshi Kusuda
  • Nishino : The wonders of nature shown by white tigers and other animals
  • Shu : Fantasy from digital artist Shu Mizoguchi
  • Teppei : Fantastic scenes from Europe by Sasakura Teppei
  • Takaki : Fantasy art by Takaki
  • Other fantasy artists : Fantasy from other artists

The world of anime

  • Studio Ghibli : Scenes from Hayao Miyazaki's animation features
  • My neighbor Totoro : Best-loved of all Ghibli animations
  • Kiki's delivery service : The 1989 Ghibli anime version of Eiko Kadono's original novel
  • Evangelion : From the TV anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Conan : Detective Conan of "Case Closed"
  • Suzumiya Haruhi : From the 2006 television series, the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
  • One Piece : Scenes from the One Piece TV anime series
  • Dragon Ball : One of the most successful anime series of all time
  • Naruto : Anime series, and sequel Naruto Shippuden and Boruto
  • Rage of Bahamut : Online card battle game
  • Sailor Moon : Characters from the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon series
  • Pokémon : The universe of Pokémon characters
  • Children's anime : Favourite characters including Doraemon and Rilakkuma
  • Hello Kitty : Japan's most famous cute kitten character

Puzzle themes - Western Art

Miscellaneous puzzles

Shopping basket


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Feature pages

Other pages

Obsolete pages

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More about jigsaws

Other puzzle related sites

These are my recommendations, but of course I cannot make any guarantees about the contents of other sites.

The American Jigsaw Puzzle Society website has a good general history of the jigsaw puzzle by D. J. McAdam, whose own web page is also interesting. - useful reference site, including a little about Japanese puzzles.

Sonia and Andrew Reynolds' site for collectors: Comprehensive worldwide list - puzzle manufacturers names and addresses

Jack-in-the-Box Puzzles: Scott Stafford's handcrafted made-to-order wooden jigsaw puzzles. This site includes some interesting background material on puzzle cutting.

MGC's Custom Made Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles & Fine Art Gallery: Mark Cappitella makes hand-crafted wooden puzzles for adults and children with 4 to 2,500+ pieces, using personal enlarged photographs, fine art prints, logos and digital images. Each jigsaw puzzle is custom made to order and completely personalized for Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate Events, Anniversary and Holiday gifts. The history page is particularly interesting - Mark thought he had invented wooden puzzles! - "Upscale, high quality, hard to find jigsaw puzzles." Located in New Hampshire, USA, this established company offers a pretty good range, particularly of European manufacturers. (No Japanese puzzles though!)

J. C. Ayer & Company Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles - "J.C. Ayer and Company sells heirloom-quality, wooden jigsaw puzzles featuring fine art reproductions and custom-made puzzles."
Another company producing custom wooden puzzles in Massachusetts. Insteand of being hand-cut like most such puzzles, these are made with Jim Ayer's own design of water-jet cutting machine, which allows him to offer batch production as well.

Custom Puzzle Craft - John Stokes: "Custom wooden jigsaw puzzles cut with an artist's eye".

At Bob Armstrong restores and sells wooden puzzles from the early twentieth century, while at his son Conrad Armstrong makes new ones.

Jeannette Aragon in California makes handcrafted wooden puzzles and toys.

Platinum Puzzles craft wooden puzzles in Canaan, New Hampshire.

(I am always adding links to this section, and one day I will organise it properly... )

Bargain maps

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