I'm somewhat horrified to realise that I have been taking photographs for rather more than 35 years. I started with a Kodak Retinette folding 35mm camera - from the 1930s I think - that my father gave me. Over the years I accumulated more boxes of slides than I really knew what to do with, and apart from a surge of interest on the arrival of my first son, Ian, and first SLR, a Canon A1, in 1982, most of my pictures were basically travel snaps. Enthusiasm reached a low point in the mid-1990s, after I'd switched to a Canon EOS autofocus SLR, with the notorious standard low quality zoom. Until, that is, I started trying to create my own website, as an outlet for various observations of life on the edge of the Kanto Plain. It was my first attempt to photograph higanbana (the red spider lily) that persuaded me to go and spend some money on decent lenses. I hope it's been worth it.


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