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A (fairly) comprehensive list of all my pages. Oh yes, as you probably know, they drive on the left in Japan.

Sano Gallery

Where is Sano? - Weather in Japan - The Man in the Sea of Japan

Views of Sano: Thumbnail gallery - Olde Photos - Huh? (photo puzzles) - Lion toothpaste? - Snow! (January 2001) - Wirescape thumbnails - Walls (and a touch of 3-D geometry) - Not walls! (concrete foundations, reinforcing rods, coffee cans, bicycles, umbrellas, and the Venetorium) - Pipes (more curiosity)

Eating in Sano - Imo-fry restaurant

Living here: Planning (absence of) - Two views... - A strange building project

Words and writing: No descenders, thanks - we're Japanese!

Music: Sano Piano Festival 1998 - Sano Piano Festival 1999 - Carmen in Oyama (May 2000) - Cosí fan tutte in Italian (July 2001) - Iwafune - the musical! (December 2003)

In Japanese: Singing opera in Italian - Reference material for Oyama Opera Ensemble. You might find it interesting how one can gloss Italian into Japanese by writing "backwards", for example in the famous chorus from Aida.

Plant-Watcher's Page

Botanical notes from the edge of the Kanto Plain

Photo essays: Higanbana - red spider lily - Goldenrod vs. Susuki - Wild azaleas - Sendangusa - Tochi-no-ki (horse-chestnut) - Biwa - loquat - Megi - Japanese barberry - Ginkgo - "living fossil" - Hanadaikon - How a paddy-field works

Miscellany: Brian's Bookshelf Nature section - "A Reunion of Trees" (review) - Daffodils 2000

Words and Books

Brian's Bookshelf - sections on: Science and Maths - Nature - Music - Words - Photography & Light - This & That
Top Ten science books everyone should read
Help on buying from

Separate reviews:
Goldberg's Angel (Dan Hofstadter)
The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind (Julian Jaynes)
Darwin's Dangerous Idea (review of Daniel Dennett's book and some related reading matter)
On growth and form (review of D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson's classic)
Babel Tower (short review of Antonia Byatt's long novel)
Why We Eat What We Eat (Sokolov's excellent book on food)
Music by numbers Reviews of some excellent books on the Music of the Spheres (Jamie James, Robert Osserman, and Thomas Levenson), and more about how scales are made, plus an exposé of some crop circle nonsense. Includes a semitone calculator.
Maps and projections The Peters projection, and other map stories from Monmonier's book "Drawing the line", some atlases, and all about equal-area projections

Words and writing:
No descenders, thanks - we're Japanese!
The Great Muffin Mystery ("muffins" and "English muffins")


Pictures: Photo gallery - Sano thumbnails - Huh? (photographs for fun and puzzlement) - Photoforum gallery submissions - Daffodils 2000 - Self portrait

About photography:
How many stops? (exposure comparison calculator)
Focussing distance? (calculator for focussing distance between two marks)
Lens angle calculator
Adjusting exposure - calculator for teleconverters and extension tubes (Interim)

What is a close-up filter? - Foto PHAQ No. 1
Lens test - Chandlor 95mm f/2 (Taking pictures with an SLR and a magnifying glass)
Photography book reviews

The Webotorium

Some free stuff for web pages: Tiling photos


The Negative Lottery How to arrange payment of very small amounts from many people
Complicated Simplicity How making things more complicated sometimes makes them simpler
Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing - Comments on hearing Phillip Greenspun talking in Tokyo (and on consecutive interpreting)
Painting the sun red - Being asked to give a talk about culture
Emperor of China's Nose - a method of high precision measurement

Philosophy: Qualia! - a longstanding problem solved

Comments on September 11, 2001

Millennium 2000 - Millennium 2001 - take your pick!

My digital art: The Artofar-
(notes - for afterwards!)

Chandler Translations

Japanese to English technical translation
My cv (resumé)

Chandler Family Page

Summer Holidays 1999
Impressions of England and Wales, 2000

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Jigsaw puzzles from Japan
Shop front - lots of pictures
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Other items: "THE MAP" - high quality maps of Japan at bargain prices!
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Guest Pages

Ado Atelier - Adriana Kikuchi hails from Rio, Brazil and has a teaching studio in Sano
Gallery of students' work